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We offer a wide portfolio in design and execution of construction works. Our experience in the residential development projects in South Florida, have allowed us to form a team specialized in the implementation of projects focusing on our clients needs. We are focused from beginning to end on the execution of standards in the processes and in obtaining high quality materials for each of the scenarios of the construction phases.


Abiding by the building codes of the State of Florida, we offer the following services:

  • Planning and execution of plans on site

  • Calculations of distribution of ventilation systems

  • Design of structures and assembly of central air and ductless systems

  • Design in cargo structures of wind for commercial and residential systems

  • Design of pressure and drainage lines

  • Design of ventilation systems

  • Calculation of budgets



Design and execution of projects tailored to the needs of our clients. Integrating control technologies for each of the air flow areas in central systems and duct designs, jointly implementing the following services:

  • Installation of inverter central systems - high efficiency 17 to 21 seer

  • Installation of air purification systems, UV controlled systems, particle ionizers, dehumidifiers

  • Installation of automated in line dampers with controls and integration to programmable systems

  • Installation of in line fan ducts for CFM improvement

  • Installation of interommuminated ventilation grills with central control systems

  • Installation of smoke detectors, control lines, and integration in alarm systems

  • Installation of anti-fire dampers systems for grills and plenards

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We offer support and execution of residential projects focused on the remodeling, expansion and relocation of spaces and the optimization of pre-existing central air and ventilation systems, offering the following range of services:

  • Design and planning of the extension of ventilation systems

  • Expansion of the pre-existing ducts

  • Replacement of existing units

  • Redesign of air flows

  • Drainage line optimization

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